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Jaguar Land Rover Dealership

New Kia London super-showroom and brand centre opens.

Meda acted as KIA representative to monitor the Developers’ shell and core construction of this flagship facility on Londons’ Great West Road.
Take a look at our latest project in London.
Jaguar Land Rover Dealership

Meda appointed as Architects for Jaguar Land Rover.

After several years of collaboration with multi-brand franchises offfering the marque, JLR UK invited Meda to join its prestigious design team.
Take a look at our latest project in Exeter.
Volvo Car Daventry

New Volvo Cars UK Daventry Training Centre.

A new home for Volvo Car UK's training and development facility, enabling teaching and learning experiences that are in line with the premium brand's ambitions.
Read about the facility here.