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Waste in the auto retail space: plug that leaky bucket!

Wasted opportunities are so frustrating to witness – whether they’re our own or those of others. The ball sent well wide of the open goal. Kodak’s refusal to develop the digital technology it had itself invented. In the world of automotive retail, wasted opportunities can often be found in abundance. We don’t call back. We […]
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Autonomous cars: will Level 5 come with level-headedness?

As I cycled to work this morning, I moved over to let another cyclist pass on a narrow bit of bridleway. There was a smile, a ‘thank you’ and exchanged comments about how nice it was to have a cooler morning, and we went on our ways. The social element of cycling is one I […]
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Looking in the rear-view mirror: What looking back can teach us about the future.

There are, doubtless, many people who abide by the maxim that past performance is no guide to the future. It’s certainly a good rule when thinking about investment, but what about past experience? Is there a danger of a ‘blindside’, where ignorance of ideas which may have been a little ‘out of time’ might prove […]
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New £8 million JLR / Volvo dual-brand development opens in Taunton

Recently completed, this ambitious £8 million new-build project for Helston Garages involved the design and development of two distinctive dealerships for premium brands Jaguar Land Rover and Volvo. Meda acted as Architect and Project Manager during the 72-week development of the dual-brand flagship site, which is situated on Toneway in the historic Devon town of […]
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Re-integrating car dealerships back into society.

While it’s not clear quite what forms it will take in the coming years, it’s almost certain that the car dealership cannot thrive if it looks, feels and operates as it does today. So, we’ve been having a think about what functions the dealership of the near future will need in order to perform, and […]
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Architecture by Meda: Land Rover dealership opens

A Jaguar Land Rover panel architect, Meda was appointed by Roger Young Land Rover to provide Lead Design and Architectural Design services for the refurbishment of its existing facility in Saltash, near Plymouth. Built over a 35-week period at a cost of approximately £2 million, the refurbished facility opened in May 2018 and provides an […]
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