‘Total Ownership Experience’ for Infiniti Europe.

Already an established automotive brand in the United States, Infiniti launched in Europe in to what was a very competitive market segment. Needing to offer more than just a good product, their aim was to establish Infiniti as a credible, global, top tier luxury brand. Our role was focused on helping them develop a truly distinctive customer experience, fully aligned to the brand and the expectations of luxury level consumers.

Our task was to design and develop a premium Total Ownership Experience (TOE) encompassing brand messaging, the retail environment and the people aspect - ensuring Infiniti staff understood and bought into their role in delivering customer experience of the very highest level, and to develop the programmes and tools to help achieve it.

We defined an overall brand promise and a set of core beliefs and fundamentals to help paint a clear picture of what was to be expected of Infiniti centre staff.

Whilst stopping short of a set of restricting rules, the beliefs would clarify what staff should and shouldn’t do in order to achieve the desired customer experience.

In order to inspire by example and engage centre staff with what was required in order to deliver on the Infiniti brand promise, we designed and developed a pan-European ‘brand ambassador’ programme.

The launch was followed up by a series of in-centre process workshops where staff focused on the customer journey and the TOE in more detail. Centre manager evaluations are expected to feed into an ongoing training curriculum to be managed by Infiniti Europe.

Infiniti Nissan Europe

European Ownership Experience Programme
Programme translated into 15 European languages.
Client relationship of 10+ years.
Our role
Consulting, Programme Direction and Management, Creative Direction and Production.

Here's just a small selection of images from the project. For more information and a full case study, please drop Richard Atkinson an email.

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