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If it still looks like chaos, you’re not looking hard enough

This year’s Nobel went (jointly, but led) by Giorgio Parisi, a physicist from Sapienza Università di Roma, for his work on complex systems. Things like the weather, or flocks of starlings , or the brain. Really complex things that can appear completely chaotic. His (and his team’s work – science, like many creative endeavours favours […]
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It’s trust that’s in short supply

As a business that works in the automotive sector, the current fuel storm / crisis / drama seems like something we should have a view on.We work with manufacturers who are all moving towards total E.V. product lines after all.And while that’s laudable, it is only so long as some of those same brands stick […]
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Pineapples, bananas, beans, sugar, fibre…

Reads like your grocery shopping list, right?But all these ingredients are currently just as likely to end up on your feet as in your mouth.In the time we’ve all been away from the office, the shoe business – and especially at the comfier end of the sneaker market – have been busy in their own […]
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It’s time for automotive brands to realise the full potential of virtual showrooms

It's time for automotive brands to realise the full potential of virtual showrooms
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Meda helps an investment and property partner express its true value.

For more than a decade, Quadriga has been helping automotive retailers in the UK realise the value of their property portfolios, either by providing investment support or by purchasing property to enable relocations and redevelopment. We proposed that Quadriga’s offer be expressed through a new look and feel that captured the company’s true investment clout […]
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Meda provides architecture services for £1.2m refurbishment of 9-car showroom

Completed in March 2018 following a 20-week contract period, this nine-car Volvo showroom has been built in-line with the brand’s Volvo Retail Experience (VRE) concept. Meda acted as Architect for the project, which involved the complete refurbishment of a former BMW facility on the A38 / Cole Avenue, Gloucester, for Johnsons Cars. The design retained […]
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