‘Omotenashi’ - the Japanese art of attention to detail.

Exceptional retail experiences are marked by their attention to detail - something Lexus can now ensure with a comprehensive Dressing Guide to ensuring the finishing touches.

To deliver an exceptional experience a brand needs to get the big ideas and the smallest details just right and while retail guidelines often focus on buildings and components, they often overlook the latter - details that are central to the delivery of a perfect Lexus customer experience. This guideline deals with these details, as well as where to source necessary items and where to place them for best effect.

Based around the design direction of the new ‘2020’ retail concept, we sourced and then curated a collection of products for the key customer areas - the reception, lounge, consultation areas, customer-facing offices and restrooms - and then collaborated with Lexus’ partner agency to photograph the shortlisted collection at their new dealership in Osnabrück.

Every aspect of Omotenashi was considered, from seasonal flower displays and vases, restroom towels and fragrances to crockery, cutlery, ambient music and serving suggests for guest refreshments.

In creating the Dressing Guide we introduced Lexus to a host of manufacturers and suppliers, who were utilised in the fulfilment of the programme.

Lexus Europe Division

Lexus Europe Retail Dressing Guide
Lexus' first pan-European sourcing and design guide for dressing materials
Design consultancy, information design, art direction, project management.

Here's just a small selection of images from the project. For more information and a full case study, please drop Richard Atkinson an email.

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