TA responsive static website providing easy access to guidelines and documents supporting the Lotus Retail Identity programme.

Having the most important documents to hand, ‘just a couple of clicks away’, is something organisations often struggle to provide. Which is not surprising when you consider where they usually need to be saved - namely, the corporate intranet.

The problem with most corporate intranets is that they need to be all things to all people. Which often makes them labyrinthian, meaning that once users find a file they tend to download it and so only ever have the last version they saved. Rather than the latest one.

In addition, because everything needs to be saved on the intranet, security becomes paramount - bringing a need for registrations, multiple-log-ins, firewalls...

Trying to maintain one small aspect of what is often a very large IT project can mean waiting for updates (understandably) to be compiled. Getting access to do this quickly, independently, can become almost impossible.

So, we helped design and host a small, discrete static site to host all the important files. To keep them in easy reach. And to update subscribers to just this specific content. And of course, to mirror the look and feel and overall UI of the main Lotus Cars online presence.

Lotus Cars Resources Hub website.

Static website design and coding.
To provide Lotus Cars with a responsive standalone website to host Retail Identity programme guidelines and support documents.
Our role
Strategic Consultation, Design Direction, Design Programming, Client Counsel, Project Management.

Here's just a small selection of images from the project. For more information and a full case study, please drop Richard Atkinson an email.

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