Representing Lotus as Brand Guardian throughout the implementation and delivery of the brand’s new Retail Identity.

While not exactly at the glamorous end of the project spectrum, a robust delivery framework for what we term Brand Guardianship is fundamental to the successful, effective delivery of a ‘build’ project. And ours is grounded in decades of experience, but always especially tailored to the specifics of each client’s requirements. Because, while everything might look ‘project-shaped’, the demands are always project-specific; so we always begin with a project-up, rather than process-down, approach.

Our Brand Guardian programme for Lotus Cars kicked-off with the completion of the concept design programme (the ‘RAG’ stages, i.e. the agreement of the design intent between Lotus and the retail representative) and is entirely free from any contract agreement between a partner and their architects and development team. It is, however, a mandatory part of the contractual agreement between the retailer and Lotus, thus ensuring overall compliance with the design intent as approved.

Our programme covers five key stages in the project’s lifespan - from quotations being generated against the design concept, right through to handover.

In Lotus’s specific situation, it also fulfils the important function of distinguishing between supplier fabrication and site construction at the Implementation stage; a critical distinction, and fundamental to ensuring a successful fit-out, as the components are assembled off-site for delivery - and the site needs to be completely ready to receive them.

The Meda Brand Guardians work with all parties, right up to the handover and inspection of the finished installation. With reports generated along the programme’s lifespan, Lotus is always kept abreast of progress and performance.

Brand Guardianship for Lotus Cars.

To represent Lotus as their Brand Guardian throughout the implementation and delivery of the brand’s new Retail Identity.
To provide a framework against which all parties required to successfully implement on a site-by-site basis understand their responsibilities, under an overarching methodology which can be measured and managed.
Our role
To act and deliver Brand Guardian services as described, as Lotus’ ‘agent’ on every project under the Retail Identity delivery programme.

Here's just a small selection of images from the project. For more information and a full case study, please drop Richard Atkinson an email.

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