A striking, informative and retail identity-compliant wayfinding and signage system for all Lotus Cars sites in the UK.

In a further development of the Lotus Cars signage story, this project marked the first phase in the implementation of a new site-wide wayfinding system for very varied locations in the UK - including mixed-used office, factory, research, testing and development and customer experience facilities, together covering a very large area and comprising dozens of buildings.

The signage design is based around a very simple post and panel system, with the post a unique extrusion pattern developed from the original ‘apex’ sign - namely two converging paths forming an approximate ‘V’ shape.

The extrusion turns what would otherwise be a simple sign into an integral part of the Lotus visual language and ties a potential huge range and quantity of types into a recognisable pattern which can planned and extended indefinitely.

The panel information is a hybrid, drawing on UK Government Department of Transport (DoT) guidelines for traffic symbols, with the Lotus font family utilised for all other text.

The result is highly legible yet distinctly ‘Lotus’ in feel.

The signs illustrated here are from the pilot project at the UK head office and are based on a single, simple user journey taken down the main thoroughfare on the site.

On the basis of really good feedback, the project will now be developed further (with additional signage to identify main buildings, and specific Health and Safety aspects added for the factory operations) and taken across the whole site and into two further locations through this year.

Lotus Cars corporate signage for the brand’s UK facilities.

Signage Product Design, Information Design, Wayfinding Strategy, Site Wayfinding Strategy and Planning, Site Surveying, Design Liaison and Implementation.
To provide a design pattern for signage, based on the Lotus Retail Identity signage design language, for use as a wayfinding system that could be applied to any corporate facility of estate - initially in the UK, then ultimately worldwide.
Our role
Strategic Consultation, Design Direction, Design Programming, Client Counsel, Project Management.

Here's just a small selection of images from the project. For more information and a full case study, please drop Richard Atkinson an email.

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